A Daily Dose of the Heart

Do you want to experience your heart each and every day? The feelings connected with the heart, such as love, joy, appreciation, and peace are what makes life worth living. It’s the only thing that can offer us lives full of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.


The challenges and stressors of daily life can get in the way and cause you to lose your connection to this vital resource. You can transform your stress.


Imagine having the freedom to consciously connect with your heart; to unplug from the stress around you and then learn how to reconnect in the moment? This skill, when practiced allows you to more consistently be balanced and hold the people you love in compassion. 


A Daily Dose of the Heart is an education and support group for people who long for more peace, connection and a sense of well-being.

Cost: It’s FREE. Anyone can join.


Where: Zoom (sign up here)


When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 AM PST to 9:30 AM PST


  • The first 10 minutes you will be led to look inward and experience the heart. You will learn how to stop stress in its tracks with simple daily practices.  

  • The education portion will be recorded and will not be interactive.

  • The last 20 minutes will be a time for Q & A, Coaching and Support. It will not be recorded.


You are invited to join each session for whatever amount of time you have. You can leave after the 10-minute education. You may jump off in the middle of the discussion period. This group is for you. Make it fit your life.


If you cannot make it live you can access the recordings here.

What to expect: By attending this support group you can begin to feel better more often. Your body can begin to relax, allowing your heart to open leading to greater mental clarity.