Do You Want More Time For What Matters Most To You?

Choose the service that is right for you.

Stress is not a big problem for you.


I have lots of blogs and podcasts on my website and new content every month. 


Stress is a problem but you are not ready to take action.



These groups are focused on education. You will learn new and valuable information 

that you can put to work in your life on your timetable. 


Just because you aren’t ready to take action now doesn’t mean you won’t take action later. 

You will learn, have fun and continue to increase your self-awareness. 

When you are ready to take action  you will be so much further ahead because you stayed informed.


Best of all, these courses are low cost, so you can take as many as you want.


Stress is a problem and you are ready to do something about it. 

You want education, support and coaching to help you transform your life.



These 90-minute,  live, online groups are limited to 4 - 6 people, 

guaranteeing an intimate and safe environment for learning and growth.


We meet the first three weeks of each month, taking the fourth week off. 

Every group session includes education and coaching. Education plus coaching is the one-two power punch that accelerates positive change and transformation. 


In these small groups you will discover your personal strengths and resources. 

You will identify your values and create a vision for a life that is filled with what matters most to you. 

You will  learn the three step process of change: 1) preparation, 2) baby steps and 3) assess and adjust. You will do these three steps over and over until you reach your goals.  


Stress is a problem. You want to seriously boost your performance and 

you want the high speed octane that only 1-1 coaching can provide.



I will contact you and together we will review your questionnaire and 

ensure that this one-on-one coaching is a good fit for your needs.


My promise to you:


The purpose of our work is to help you discover what is most important to you; 

for you to know without question, what makes your life worth living.


Through our work together you will learn how to effectively manage stress so you can

take control of your most precious resource, which is your time. 


You will begin to “spend” your time on what matters most to you 

so that you can live a life that is fulfilling and meaningful every day.

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