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Fulfillment First

Without it, nothing matters.

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  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

WHAT STOPS YOU FROM BEING POWERFUL AND FULFILLED? You long to feel balanced and energetic. Instead you feel overwhelmed and forever running out of time. You dream of a life of purpose and genuine fulfillment in all of your key relationships. Instead your priorities suffer as you continually over-give in order to avoid the stickiness of guilt. It is a losing strategy because resentment often follows compromise. WHAT IS THE PAIN AND WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? The pain or symptom is overwhelm, the problem is Emotional Caretaking™. If you mistake the pain for the problem you get stuck in a process of “making adjustments” but no real growth occurs. Emotional caretaking causes you to build a life that is too big (too much time and energy to others), a life that is fragmented (lacking coherence and wholeness) and a life that is moving in the wrong direction (too many detours off your own path). It’s invisible so you don’t know why your life isn’t working. Your life looks good on paper but doesn’t feel good. IS THIS GROUP RIGHT FOR YOU? You cannot exist any longer in a static, relatively unchanging state that is “good enough.” You want depth and richness and the joy of living a fully authentic life. Make a commitment now. It’s never too late to belong to yourself. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN You will learn how to stop Emotional Caretaking™ and be the Creator of your own life. Emotional caretakers give too much because they believe they have to. Learn how to be always be at choice. Emotional caretakers focus on helping others and neglect their own priorities. Learn how to focus on what you want. Emotional caretakers make decisions designed to make other people feel good. Learn how to align with your own outcomes. Emotional caretakers get distracted by other people’s problems and get caught in reactivity. Learn how to use the energy of initiation versus the energy of reactivity. Emotional caretakers give the majority of their resources to help other people create great lives. Learn true self care and give at least 51% of your time, energy and resources to your own life. MY PROMISE TO YOU: You will be powerful and fulfilled in your life, especially in the key areas of work and family through the use of tools you haven’t had access to before that will allow you to be your feminine caring self while showing up powerfully. PROGRAM DETAILS: -Wednesday’s Oct 9th - Oct 30th -90 minute sessions online via Zoom -Two Convenient Times: 9AM PST or 4PM PST

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Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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