What would be possible if you could stand in your value?


Anne-Marie Clear is a Teacher, Coach, Workshop Leader and Speaker. She holds a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in Counseling.


My mission is to live a life that is authentically inspired from the heart and to consciously collaborate with like-minded people to build high levels of well-being inside ourselves and in our relationships.


How I Can

Help You

Coaching,Workshops & Speaking

I can show you how to close the authenticity gap, that tense space stretching between you and the other person. A space where telling the truth is scary. You can take care of yourself and live your life’s purpose.

Inspiration For Your Journey

My blog is a place that I get to be both teacher and student. As I share what I have learned, I invite you to read and comment and let the topic blossom into something unique, owned by no-one and everyone all at the same time.

Wisdom From Many Teachers

Wherever you are on your path, with books you are never alone. Thousands of generous souls have wrestled their resistance to the ground to put their passion, purpose and life experience down on paper available for all eternity. 

Anne-Marie Clear is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach in the emerging field of Heart Intelligence. She has coached leaders and world class scientists for over twenty years in the areas of stress management, living from true authenticity, and building lasting relationships. Anne Marie is passionate about bringing these same tools to women, creating fulfillment both at work and at home, allowing them to be their feminine caring selves while showing up powerfully. 

Anne-Marie Clear

Heart Intelligence Expert​

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