does your life look good "on paper" 

but not feel the way you want it to feel?

You’re a professional or business owner with a zest for a rich and fulfilling life.

Stress is getting in the way. 


I can show you how to use the power of your heart to transform your life. 

I will show you how to change your relationship to stress so that you can:

  • Transform your “Stress Mindset” and become stronger and more resilient

  • Minimize the harmful effects of “bad” stress and protect your health

  • Maximize the benefits of “good” stress to live a purposeful life

  • Increase your performance at work and perform “smarter”

  • Experience deep connection and intimacy with the people you love


Clear Directions

Clear Directions is for professionals and business owners who are deeply committed to their work, dedicated to ongoing personal growth and uncompromising in their devotion to a rich and fulfilling life.


With proven strategies and scientifically validated tools you will learn how to take control of your time, properly care for your health, and nurture your relationships.


You will experience satisfaction and joy as you create - and sustain, a life that is just right for you.


Your Stress

I'm Anne Marie Clear,

the founder and president of Clear Directions.

For over 25 years I have helped world class scientists, professionals and business owners, live their best life. You can live your best life too. 


This website is full of free content to help you transform “bad” stress into “good” stress, create rich and meaningful relationships and keep you on track to continue to grow and enjoy new and better possibilities for your work and your life.

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