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Why do I want to write a blog?

From a purely selfish motive, I get to learn. They say that the teacher always learns the most because teaching is how you learn. I think that when I write a blog I am teaching myself what I know, I am expanding on my knowledge, and I get to be creative in the process. Totally fun stuff for me.

When I teach a workshop, I tell people that everyone in the room is a teacher and everyone in the room is a student. I invite people to collaborate with me. I bring the initial content but when everyone plays with the content it becomes something so much more, something that can only be created that day by this group of people. At this point, you can’t tell the teacher from the student because we are all one.

My content, whether it is from a workshop or from a blog is always just the starting point. It invites, almost demands, participation in order to grow and become more.


My blog is a place that I get to be both teacher and student. As I share what I have learned, I invite people to read and comment and let the topic blossom into something unique, owned by no-one and everyone all at the same time.

So please dive in below and enjoy my offering. Leave me your comments and tell me how you would add to it, subtract from it and let’s see what we create together.

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