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Receive your heart's guidance and live with
personal authority fueled by the heart.



Clarity is the foundation of a well-lived life. 


With clarity you have discernment in decision-making; you are free to move forward with confidence. It is the foundation upon which intelligent action flows. 


Access the clarity that comes from aligning with

your heart intelligence.


Using the scientifically validated HeartMath® tools you will learn how to intentionally shift into the state of heart/brain coherence and receive your heart’s guidance.


As you quiet the noise in your life caused by stress you will increase the amount of time you spend in your heart, experiencing love, care, peace, joy and compassion. Experience the joy of living authentically.


If this resonates with you, contact me and let's talk.

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Christina Harrington

Anne-Marie was the featured speaker at a retreat I attended.  Her deep knowledge and passion  in her presentation helped me feel calm, centered and in light.  I continue to practice everything I learned and truly appreciate her significant contributions to my wellness and self care.

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Fran Fisher

Anne-Marie's presentation on the power of heart-brain coherence was inspirational and value packed in terms of learning important information about the heart and the brain and the benefits of bringing them into coherence. Her highly professional speaking and facilitation skills were masterful at engaging the audience in the learning experience. 

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Hannah Benjamin Escher

Anne-Marie is a skilled communicator and teacher and I was so inspired by the content she presented. She immediately connected with her audience and I could feel the room shift as she began to speak. I left wanting to learn more!

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