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Learn how to easily access the power
of your own heart intelligence.

Living with a visceral sense of love, gratitude and appreciation takes an elevated awareness of self. It takes a conscious focus on moving from living in your head and moving into your heart.    

You can choose how you experience the life that revolves around you. Making more heart aligned choices changes how we live:
through fear or through love.

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Above the Clouds
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1:1 Coaching

My ‘Living the Way of Love’ Mission...


With each group gathering I will offer hope and inspiration that there is a way through all of life’s challenges and it doesn’t have to be difficult. We cannot change the circumstances of life but we can choose how we move through them.


My purpose in holding these donation-based groups is to share with others what I’ve found actually works in facing a serious challenge without fear. Regardless of whether your concerns are with your health, relationships, work or finances, all people are welcome.                     

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