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Who I Work With

Who I work with


I work with Leaders and people who have a leadership mindset. I call these people Creators.  I have spent the last 20+ years coaching and consulting with mid-level managers, upper level managers, CEOs, scientists, executive directors of nonprofits, admin supervisors and people who want to lead richer more fulfilling lives.

Challenge Leaders Face


The challenge leaders, managers and all of us face today is the urgent need to take good care of our relationships with bosses, colleagues, direct reports, customers, family and friends while simultaneously moving very fast to keep pace with overwhelming workloads. People respond by treating work as an emergency and relationships as if they can wait. At great cost.
Relationship issues steal time, attention and energy away from your top priorities. Relationship issues distract people, especially when they are chronic and unresolved. Like a bad toothache people keep turning their attention to “what’s not working” not realizing this is causing the “time shortage” they are experiencing. Stress is no longer contained and spreads to all areas of life.


What you need to meet these challenges


Personal growth at its core is the willingness to reorient yourself as the realties around you change. As people, processes and life changes you must have the willingness to let go of the status quo, float in the unknown for a time and then form a whole new perspective that aligns with the new reality you are living in. To address your most pressing relationship issues you must address yourself first. Why is that so hard to do?
Reorienting yourself to new realities creates stress, a lot of it. If you do not know how to manage that stress you will default to your old survival strategies. There is great irony here. The positive intention is to grow into someone who can be in the new reality and manage change.  Due to high stress levels you are undertaking this journey with your old outdated strategies. Attempting to address the current event with your old strategies is like trying to run your PC on Windows 98 … everything crashes, relationships degenerate and work falls even more behind.


How I can help


To re-orient one’s self to new realities (something you will have to do over and over) requires the power and intelligence of the heart. I’m not talking about the mushy feel good concept of heart. I have been coaching brilliant scientists for 20 years and I promise you they would not tolerate that. What these scientists did embrace (and continue to embrace) is a system of heart-based tools that are grounded in solid scientific research. These tools show you how to navigate our fast-paced world successfully, achieving your goals while enhancing key relationships, including your relationship with yourself.  
Leaders who cannot flex and grow try in vain to stay the same while the world around them morphs and alters. These leaders cannot lead others because they cannot lead themselves.


If you are a leader of people or if you have a passion to live as a Creator I can help. Together we will help you grow forward towards the outcomes you desire.  


If personal growth is one of your values then you are always, forever on a journey. Some journeys are small, such as, “I want to learn to be a person who is always on time,” while other journeys are big, “Can I stay in this marriage?” Whether big or small, you are always on a journey.


Wherever you are on your path, with books you are never alone. Thousands of generous souls have wrestled their resistance to the ground to put their passion, purpose and life experience down on paper available for all eternity. You are the blessed recipient. All you have to do is set your intention to have the right support in the right moment and ask your heart to guide you.


Personal growth is an ever-changing journey so you will need many different books along the way. Let your heart lead you to the right books at each point in your adventure. Your heart will show you how many pages you are meant to read. Never force yourself to finish a book just because you started it. You are living from the heart now so all the old rules need to go.


Here are some of the books I have been guided to read, some in full, some only partially. As you read the titles and my comments pay close attention to your body and your intuition. If you get a “no” keep going. If you get a “yes” check it out further! Your body holds the truth so stay in touch with how you feel and never disregard or discount what you hear.

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