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Your Creative Heart™
A Deeper Dive

A 4-week coaching group over Zoom.
Each 90 minute session includes:

• An education topic.

• Time to practice what you are learning.
• Breakout sessions with your classmates.

• Suggestions for practice between sessions and more.

Week #1:

  • HeartMath’s Asset/Deficit Balance Sheet

  • Increase your awareness of the hidden sources of “noise” that
    drain your energy and lower your quality of life.

  • Learn how to transform the depleting energy and increase your
    coherence ratios.

  • Learn how to use the Asset/Deficit Balance Sheet for Coherent

Week #2:

  • Increase Spiritual Energy and add Meaningfulness to Life

  • Identify key values that are non-negotiable for you.

  • Learn what “going beyond gratitude” means.

  • Use the power of your heart to stop compromising your values so that you can live your best life.

Week #3:

  • Self Care Maintenance Plan

  • Learn the true definition of self care.

  • Identify and transform “overcare” items that get in your way.

  • Explore what your life would be like with more self care.

Week #4:
  • Mind Map and Heart Map

  • This is a powerful tool for gaining clarity and creating achievable

  • Practice on an actual issue to set into motion something you want.

NOTE: Each session was pre-recorded

**You will receive the slides and session recordings via email directly after purchase

$147 Per Person
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