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Ready to take the leap and find your tribe?


Years ago, I discovered the perfect formula to create dynamic, life-changing groups. I call it the “one-two-punch” of education and support. Support is nice, it’s just not enough if transformation is what you are after.


Each group session I teach fresh, exciting, and relevant content to add value to the coaching and support time.


Intimate groups of 6 people gather together bi-monthly for 3 months to take a deep dive on a specific topic. Each 75-minute group session is supplemented with a 20-minute educational video that you can view at your convenience prior to the group session.


You can join a group that is being offered or if you have 6 people you can contact me to set up your own group.

Anne-Marie Clear is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach in the emerging field of Heart Intelligence. She has coached leaders and world class scientists for over twenty years in the areas of stress management, living from true authenticity, and building lasting relationships. Anne Marie is passionate about bringing these same tools to women, creating fulfillment both at work and at home, allowing them to be their feminine caring selves while showing up powerfully. 

Anne-Marie Clear

Heart Intelligence Expert​

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