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Find Your “Big WHY” for 2019

“Your WHY?” is a subject that captivates the hearts of millions of people. Why is “knowing your WHY” so important?

It’s simple really. You want to know that you matter and that the time you have on this earth counts for something. Deep down you want to contribute and you seek authenticity in your contribution. This is made clear when you emphasize the word “my” as in, “I want to know my WHY.”

Many people want a definitive answer that gives direction to their whole life. The problem or challenge with this approach is that you can get stuck in indecision. If there is only one answer then you better get it right because the course of your entire life is riding on it.

You can go that route, but in the interim, how about something simpler? How about creating a “Big WHY” for 2019? Not your whole life, just the upcoming year.

The purpose of having a WHY is to add deep, rich, purposeful meaning to what you are doing. It is to lift everything up to a higher level.

You can drag yourself through 2019, stressing out over challenges and cruising through the good times, or you can create a WHY, be intentional and grow.

You begin with your vision for 2019. What is it? Where do you see yourself headed? What big gains do you hope to achieve? What challenges will you have to overcome? Jot down your answers to these questions.

Here is what I wrote for mine: My vision for 2019 is to build a tribe of women hungry for the content I write on authenticity and being at choice. This tribe will be attracted to my message and some women will join my groups and others will become my coaching clients. A challenge I must overcome is managing financial obligations as I move through a big personal transition.

Now you are ready to discover your Big WHY for 2019. This step is very important, which is why you will put your heart in charge.

Choose a time when you can be alone and uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes. Take as much time as you need between each step.

  1. Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Allow yourself to be very still on the inside.

  2. Begin breathing very slowly and softly; long easy breaths in and long easy breaths out. Allow your mind to settle.

  3. As you continue to breathe softly, activate a heart feeling, such as love or appreciation for someone or something in your life. You must feel the feeling, it is not enough to just think about it. Experiencing a heart feeling is what gives you access to your heart’s intelligence.

  4. Ask your heart, “What is my WHY for 2019?” Resist the temptation to go up into your head and start thinking. Instead, continue to breathe slowly while feeling the heart feeling as you wait for an answer.

  5. Write down what your heart tells you.

Here is what my heart whispered to me. “Light-Hearted and Free!”

This is my Big WHY for 2019, which means my purpose for the coming year is to move toward my vision and through my challenges “light-hearted and free.” It excites me to imagine the possibility of growing myself into the kind of woman who can bring a light-hearted presence to some of the substantial challenges ahead of me.

I’m not there yet, and that’s the point! As a woman who loves personal growth, my Big WHY for 2019 just added rich meaning and depth to the coming year.

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