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 Your Creative Heart™
You’re creating ALL the time!  
There is never a moment when you’re not creating. 


If you're currently feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or exhausted – that’s exactly what’s creating your relationships in your work and personal life.

The “noise” of this stress can leave you too tired to connect with the people you love the most.

I'm Anne Marie Clear and I've worked with leaders and world-class scientists for over twenty years in the areas of stress management, living from true authenticity, and building lasting relationships. 


I want to teach you how to quiet that noise and have more ease by living from Your Creative Heart™.

Your Creative Heart™ is a flowing state where you have access to insight, intuition and wisdom!

in this workshop You will learn:


  • A 3 Step Process for cultivating the Creative Heart in every part of your work and life.
  • Scientifically validated tools to reduce stress, boost health and enhance creativity.
  • Why using your heart tools adds hope and possibility even during the most challenging times

$29 Per Person

(This event was pre-recorded and will be sent via email after purchase is complete)

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