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Authenticity is both a response and a commitment. It means showing up and being real. Authenticity can only happen in the moment. It is a choice you continually make.


When what you want for yourself collides and conflicts with what someone wants from you it’s hard to be real. You hesitate and don’t speak. You are in the authenticity gap, that tense space stretching between you and the other person. A space where telling the truth is scary.


I can show you how to close the authenticity gap. 


You can take care of yourself and your relationships at the same time. It is possible to say “no” to a loved one or assert yourself in a work situation and be OK. I will show you how.


You can have what you want in life.


I will show you how to hear the whispers of your heart moment-to-moment so you can live authentically, fully committed to your relationships and your life purpose.


New scientific studies reveal the profound impact the heart has on the body. Science shows that the heart has its own brain just like the brain in the head. That’s why it’s called Heart Intelligence.


I use a proven system based on science to help you hear your heart’s authentic response. These methods work consistently time after time so you absolutely know what is true for you.

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